Fresh Gallery is a fiscal agency of the Springfield Regional Arts Council dedicated to promoting and marketing the fine art and fine craft of area artists.

Fresh Gallery is home to 20 Springfield area artists who have been juried in as members of the collective gallery which they all share in operating. The artists come from a wide variety of specialty backgrounds including jewelry, watercolors, fibers, oils, sculptures, wearable art, mixed media, and photography.

Regular Business Hours:
October-March: 11:00am-6:00pm
April-September: 11:00am-6:00pm

First Friday Art Walk Hours:
First Friday of each month: 11:00am-10:00pm

Featured Artists: Alicia Farris and Carl Rauh

Fresh Gallery will feature Alicia Farris and Carl Rauh for the month of June. Join the artists of Fresh for free, public receptions on First Friday Art Walk, June 5 from 6pm-10pm and Second Saturday, June 13.

Whether it’s a watercolor cityscape or a landscape painted with acrylics, Alicia Farris strives to communicate her subject matter with the use of color and the feeling of atmosphere and mood in her work. She is constantly studying color, light, effects one has on another, and uses this knowledge when she paints to not just render her subject, but to tell a story and to illustrate a mood. She tells her painting students to remember a scene and how it made them feel, then paint it with that in mind. Farris believes that it is not enough to simply render a subject exactly from a photograph; an artist owes it to his or her audience to engage them with emotion!  

Farris is a regular and original Fresh member and teaches watercolor and acrylic workshops at the Creamery Arts Center through the Springfield Regional Arts Council and throughout the Midwest. Check www.springfieldarts.org or her website www.afarris.com for a schedule of her classes and workshops. 

Carl Rauh works in wood, stone, and various metals. The majority of his pieces are from reclaimed or recycled wood. He cuts standing dead, and salvage wood that was destined to rot away or be turned to ash in someone’s brush pile. It is his way of giving back and of having a remembrance of what was taken from nature. He tries to find pieces that have character and then enhance the natural beauty that lies within it. He crafts 3D sculptures, interlocking pieces made from one piece of wood, walking sticks/staffs, wands, bowls, and charms. All of his pieces encourage a hands-on policy. He likes the feel of the wood and thinks others should enjoy it as well. 

When Rauh is not working on new creations or spending time at Fresh, he can be found at events such as Vision Con. Vision Con is Missouri's version of Comic Con, a Sci-Fi / nerd convention for people who want to dress up as their favorite superhero, villain or Sci-Fi character. It is an event where people can meet celebrities, authors, & vendors to find that special item to finish their costume or complete their various collections. As a vendor Rauh supplies wands, wizard/walking staffs & canes, custom wood burn pieces and has quite a following. Fresh is proud to have such a sought after artist in the gallery.

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